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A smooth driveway and well-tended parking lot serve to welcome your customers and provide a positive impression about your company.

A clean, even parking lot is the perfect complement to your landscaping and exterior building work.

Parking lots are the welcome mat of your business and the first impression your customers will see. When a lot looks attractive, clean and tended, your customers will feel more welcome. Whether you need parking lot paving services to patch up a few potholes and cracks or you need an entirely new parking lot poured, Roads Paving is the company to trust in Seattle, Washington and the surrounding areas.

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To achieve the optimal long-lasting results from your new parking lot or asphalt resurfacing project, you must pick the right paving contractor. Roads Paving has served NW Washington and the Seattle area for more than 60 years. As one of the region's top-rated road paving, resurfacing and striping specialists, we have both the required commercial paving equipment and the experienced crew necessary to provide your business with a beautiful parking lot, private drive and entryway.

play_arrow Parking Lot and Driveway Repair for Your Washington Office, Industrial Facility or Retail Shopping Center

At Roads Paving, our skilled crew can perform an entire range of asphalt repairs and maintenance from asphalt patching, seal coating, crack filling and pothole repair to complete tear-out and resurfacing. By catching small problems with your asphalt paving early and repairing them quickly, you can stop issues from progressing to the point where costly repairs or repaving is required.

Some of the Commercial Paving Services We Offer Include:

play_arrow New Construction 

New construction consists of excavation of an area, then adding, grading and compacting a stone base. After the stone base is ready, asphalt mix is installed at the proper thickness designed for your needs. The thickness of stone and asphalt are calculated based upon traffic flow, vehicle weight, and existing soil conditions. We always pave to the compacted thickness as stated on our contract to make sure your parking lot lasts.

play_arrow Remove & Replace 

Deterioration of asphalt can happen from a single problem or combination of problems. Poor stone base, poor sub-base (the soils below the stone base), inadequate asphalt thickness, poor maintenance, heavy traffic and Mother Nature can all play a significant role in the failure of your parking lot surface. Once your asphalt has oxidized and deteriorated to a point where an overlay is no longer an option, we will remove and re-pave your lot in accordance with industry standards. Remember your parking lot surface is only as strong as the base beneath it. When we remove an existing parking lot we perform a proof roll to check the base; this involves driving a loaded dump truck on the stone to look for any movement or deflection that would indicate a base problem. We then undercut as necessary prior to paving to assure a longer lasting pavement surface.

play_arrow Milling & Resurfacing 

 Often an asphalt surface is deteriorated, but still maintains the structural integrity needed to perform an overlay. This process involves adding a new layer of asphalt, which is applied directly over the old layer of asphalt. A mill can be used in two different methods to help resurfacing. The first method is to mill off a uniform thickness of existing asphalt from the entire parking lot to make room for the new pavement. The second method involves only milling the existing asphalt at transitions, and critical drainage points. No matter which method of milling is used, it is followed by cleaning the entire asphalt surface, then applying tack coat (glue) to help adhesion of the new and old pavements. The new asphalt layer is then installed and compacted.

play_arrow Pulverizing 

 When asphalt has deteriorated to the point where it no longer qualifies for an overlay we often have two options. The first, as stated above, is removal and replacement. The second option is pulverizing and repaving. There are some limitations to this technique, however. If you have a solid base and your match points (buildings, walkways, curbing, concrete pads, roadways etc.) allow for the elevation of your lot to be increased, pulverizing can be an economical and green alternative. A large, full depth reclamation machine is used to grind up your asphalt, along with a percentage of your base. The area is then watered, graded, rolled and re-paved to a predetermined thickness to meet your traffic needs. This method uses your existing pavement to increase the thickness of your base, thus giving longer life to your new pavement. The economical value of pulverizing comes from the elimination of excavation and trucking cost. We no longer need to haul the existing pavement off of the site.  This, in turn, will reflect a savings to you, our valued customer.

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